Business Benefits of Leasing

For businesses, the real value of equipment comes from operation – not ownership. That's why Farm Credit borrowers should consider leasing, which may enable them to improve their efficiency, increase cash flow and lower tax liabilities. Other advantages include:

Better Equipment

You can work with any supplier – local or national – to find the exact equipment you need. Once you negotiate the best price, we step in and take care of the financing.

Replace Equipment Sooner

With lease financing, you can replace your equipment regularly with state-of-the-art models and take advantage of the better fuel efficiency or faster production they offer. This becomes especially important for assets with relatively short economic lives, such as transportation equipment. A planned replacement cycle ensures access to reliable, low-maintenance equipment at all times.

Faster Business Decisions

Working with your Farm Credit Association, you can obtain approval more quickly than if you were purchasing the equipment. Typically, credit approval and paperwork are quick and easy, usually just 24 to 48 hours for smaller transactions. You can complete larger transactions in about a week.